Become a Patient

Everyone’s health journey is unique. You may have been diagnosed with the same illness as someone else, but experience it completely differently. You’re a unique individual who responds to toxic stressors differently and we believe you should be treated as the unique individual you are. Our goal is to find the root cause or causes of your illness, not just treat the symptoms all the while suppressing the actual cause. Your path back to optimal health will be individual to you.

With this said, there are foundational pillars of health that we evaluate in most patients. We begin by having you send us your medical records and a 1-2 page maximum summary of your health history. Having an opportunity to hear your story and review any past diagnostic workups is a vitally important part of figuring out what is actually causing your symptoms and enables us to be more efficient when you come in for your appointment. It’s also nice to get to know a bit about you before you come in. We request you have your health summary and medical records to our office 2 weeks prior to your new patient appointment.

We are happy to work with out of state patients. In fact, we have patients from across the US and in several other countries. Depending upon the distance you are traveling and the severity of your illness, the number of times per year you’ll need to be seen in the office will vary. Please contact our office for more details. In between in-office follow ups, you’re follow up visits will be done virtually via a video conferencing service, such as Zoom. This allows your doctor to see how you’re doing and also share their desktop to review any lab or other diagnostic results.

On the day of your new patient appointment:

  1. You’ll be checked in by our receptionist and then one of our medical assistants.
  2. You’ll meet with the doctor for approximately 60 minutes. During this time, the doctor will review your health summary, hear more of your story and ask clarifying questions.
  3. Lab work is generally collected to help solidify the diagnosis and determine if other factors are playing a role. The role of the microbiome (balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract) in healing is critical, therefore a comprehensive analysis of gut health is often recommended.
  4. Nutritional testing is also frequently recommended to ensure the healthy, nourishing foods you’re eating are being properly absorbed and utilized. Without a proper foundational microbiome and nutritional state, healing becomes extremely difficult. Labs can be collected in our office for your convenience.

During the check-in process, we’ll ask for a copy of your insurance card to have on file. While we do not participate directly with any insurer, many of the labs we order go through your insurance just as they would if any other provider ordered them. Having accurate insurance information on file helps facilitate having these labs covered. For any labs not typically covered by insurance, one of our team members will review the specifics and cost prior to collection.

You’ll leave your initial visit with the next steps in your foundational health plan; and, depending upon your unique situation, specific treatments for your underlying condition, if known at that time, will be provided. We generally schedule your first follow up 3-4 weeks after your initial visit to allow time for labs to be resulted.

During this follow up, your doctor will review their findings, evaluate how you have been doing since your initial visit and make new treatment recommendations. You will leave the office with a comprehensive treatment plan, including the lab results summary and a copy of all your results. Follow up appointments are generally scheduled every 1-2 months depending upon the complexity of your medical condition and your treatment protocol.

In between appointments, you will have access to our world-class support system. If you have specific questions regarding your medical treatment, please call our office and speak with one of our medical assistants. They will take your message and speak with your doctor, getting back to you as soon as possible with an answer. You can also contact our office about non-urgent matters via our patient portal. Not only does the patient portal provide you with direct and secure access to our team members, it also will have a summary of your treatment plan as well as other educational materials.

Regain Your Health and Regain Your Life by becoming a patient at Origins Of Health today.