Thanks for your interest in the replay our mini-summit:

Coronavirus – Voices of Reason Mini-Summit

How to Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
During the live event, all of us on the panel were blown away by the overwhelming and positive response we received and we were honored to share our expertise.
By watching the replay, here are some of the important topics you’ll learn about:
  • What are the latest updates on things like treatment, testing and what to expect next.
  • Natural approaches to improving immune function through simple self-care steps, eating and nutritional supplements. What’s the one thing you can do today that will start to make a difference immediately.
  • Ways to keep your kids healthy, happy and engaged while they’re at home.
  • Tips and tricks that will allow you to address the emotions that may be coming up in a healthy and life supporting way.
  • What are each of us doing to keep ourselves and our families safe.

The session was so jam packed with great information, I wanted to be sure to share this event with everyone who could benefit.

In order to access the replay all you need to do is register. There is no charge for this event.