Practicing What We Preach

Our approach to treating patients is a direct extension of how we live in our personal lives. We will only recommend to our patients what we trust and utilize for ourselves. Every aspect of our approach, from diagnostics to treatment, is driven by what we experience on a day to day basis both personally and professionally.

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Working With Compassion And Sincerity

Our approach is driven by compassion and sincerity.  

These values are manifested in our personal litmus test, which underpins the medical decisions that we make for our patients; this is – are we treating our patients the way that we would treat our families and indeed ourselves?  

We will only make recommendations and treat our patients with the same love and compassion that we would treat our own families.

Getting To The Root Cause

At Origins of Health our goal is to uncover and address the root cause of your symptoms.  We specialize in taking a comprehensive assessment of symptoms to address complex health concerns.  We believe that is critical to go beyond the label of a diagnosis and uncover which components of that diagnosis are perpetuating illness.  

We ask open, honest, and sometimes difficult questions with compassion, so that we can address the dynamic and interlinked physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances that inhibit healing.  Our patient’s own experiences remain at the heart of everything that we do and our approach dedicates the time needed to holistically understand the root cause of an individual’s suffering.

At the outset, we will undertake a comprehensive medical history, as well as a thorough physical examination and diagnostic workup with laboratory testing, to get to the source of an individual’s symptoms.  Applying this common sense approach to medical diagnosis, facilitates rational treatment strategies that are tailored specifically to an individual. Throughout this diagnostic process, we will journey in partnership with our patients to create a truly personalized treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment Protocols

The treatment strategies that we utilize at Origins of Health are designed to optimize the function of the body’s self-healing mechanisms.  We believe in providing individually tailored medical treatments, which combine the best of what is available.

Staying true to our osteopathic roots, we integrate a blend of principles from many different schools of medicine, including conventional, natural, homeopathic and Eastern approaches.  Our recommendations will be fundamental tools to help unburden the body and enable an individual to harness and optimize the function of the body’s self-healing abilities. This will restore homeostasis and facilitate healing.  

Treatment might include prescription medications, diet and lifestyle modifications and herbal supplementation.  Such recommendations are not static. We continually review how an individual responds to treatment through frequent re-evaluation.  We believe that healing is best achieved through active engagement with our patients. It enables us to understand their responses to treatment, which in turn leads to further diagnostic clues.  It simultaneously allows us to hone in on the best healing modalities for each patient, at each specific point in time, as we journey together on their path to healing.

Pertinent Science

We continually refine our treatment approaches in line with the most pertinent science, to develop the most beneficial treatment protocols for our patients.  We believe that the best medicine is rooted in reliable science and that the best approaches to healing are based on a deep and dynamic understanding of the science.  Our integrative medical approach is open to new paradigms and evolves as it is driven by new areas of enquiry.

We harness both conventional medicine and alternative therapies, accepting neither uncritically.  This approach both assimilates and deepens conventional medical approaches and, in combination with a holistic understanding of our patients, determines the best treatment pathways for the individuals in our care.

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Restoring Hope, Health and Homeostasis

Our personal and professional experience has been that taking this holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment consistently leads to individuals reclaiming their health and lives.  The treatment approaches at Origins of Health will fundamentally unburden the load on an individual’s body and catalyze the innate healing mechanisms within.

We provide the tools that allow the body to express health.  This cultivates self-sustaining healing, whereby an individual maintains their health through their own self-healing abilities, in partnership with the physician.  The result is optimal and lifelong health.

At Origins of Health we sincerely believe that our medical approach provides advanced and diverse treatment modalities, which enable an individual to journey to a place of hope beyond ‘dis-ease’ so that they can live the life they want.