Practitioner Training

Finally, Comprehensive Lyme Disease Practitioner Training & Mentorship

Dr. Tom Moorcroft saw a huge gap in the training providers receive in school and at medical conferences. For him, it was extremely difficult to gain the knowledge necessary to accurately and effectively diagnosis and treatment the patients he was seeing who had been suffering for months or years without answers. He dedicated his entire professional life to developing world-class knowledge in the area of diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne infections. He became a highly sought after provider and lecturer. The problem was…after years of endless study, he could still only help one person at a time.

And, his waiting list grew as did his frustration that there were so many people suffering who 1. couldn’t find a provider to take them seriously and perform an appropriate diagnostic workup to find the root cause or 2. were seeing a provider who, despite the appearances of being very well meaning, were providing them with ineffective, often incomplete treatment protocols.

He knew something needed to be done. Healthcare practitioners needed more access to highly effective, well designed, evidence based training. But, the standard training wasn’t enough and most of the training at conferences was too advanced.

For over 5 years, Dr. Tom worked as part of the ILADS Fundamentals working group that created the one day Fundamentals of Lyme and Tick-borne Co-infections training program. This was a step in the right direction, but one day of learning just isn’t enough?

You get back to the office after learning so much, being so motivated to bring this new knowledge back into your practice, but then when you get back and realize you actually have more questions than answers, because treating chronic Lyme and co-infections is hard.

Something needed to change!


Dr. Tom took his frustration of how practitioner training was so poor and how patients were continuing to suffer because of this lack of highly effective training and created the world’s first Lyme Disease Practitioner Certification course, The LDPC.

In the LDPC, Dr. Tom shares everything he’s learned from studying with the gurus of the field, including, Dr. Richard Horowitz, Dr. Charles Ray Jones, Dr. Neil Nathan, Dr. Joe Burruscano, Dr. Ken Liegner, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and so many others, and combined this with his personal study and over 12 years of experience focusing exclusively on tick-borne illness, mycotoxin illness and PANS/PANDAS to create a unique learning experience to takes practitioners from novice to expert level in the shortest time possible.

From the very first module, the Opening Retreat, practitioners are provided everything they need to know to begin effectively diagnosing and treating patients with chronic tick-borne illness. And, yes, we even focus on tick bite prevention, tick bite prophylaxis and the treatment of acute Lyme and co-infections because it’s better to prevent chronic infections than try and treat them. This comprehensive curriculum starts with an intensive 6 month learning experience – a combination of learning modules and case-based learning. All along the way, participants receive direct mentorship from Dr. Tom on real patients they are seeing in the office.

No more waiting until the next conference or using your patient as a guinea pig as you learn. The LDPC surrounds you with practitioners of all different experience and expertise levels to bounce ideas off of and receive that direct mentorship from Dr. Tom.

If you’re a practitioner looking to rapidly advance your skills in diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and other tick-borne infections, please complete our short online application and someone from our team will reach out to you.

If you’re a patient and looking for the practitioners with the highest level of training and support, check our listing below for a practitioner near you and look for the LDPC badge on their website.

LDPC Inner Circle Practitioners

These amazing practitioners have not only successfully completed the most comprehensive Lyme disease training program available, but they have continued as part of the LDPC Inner Circle, Dr. Tom’s ongoing mentorship program. They demonstrate the highest level of commitment to providing patients with the most effective and evidence-based diagnostic and pharmaceutical and natural treatment approaches.

Tracey O’Shea MSN, FNP-C, IFMCP

California Center for Functional Medicine
4100 Redwood Rd 20A-616
Oakland, CA 94619

Vincent Leonti, MD

Princeton Integrative Health
134 Franklin Corner Rd. Suite 103
Lawrence Twp, NJ 08648

Jennifer Letitia, MD

Whole Body Medicine
Riverview Plaza, 501 kings Highway Unit E108
Fairfield, CT 06825

Katina Martin, ND, LAc

Natural Family Health, PC
8 Shard Villa Rd.
Salisbury, VT 05769

Jessica Montalvo, MD

Origins Of Health
27 Main St.
Hebron, CT 06248

Clemma Nash, MD

Hudson, WI

Shawn Tepper-Levine, D.O.

Shawn Tepper-Levine, D.O.
20 Heathcote Rd.
Kingston, NJ 08528

LDPC Practitioners

These amazing practitioners have successfully completed the most comprehensive Lyme disease training program available. They are highly qualified to provide patients with the most effective and evidence-based diagnostic and pharmaceutical and natural treatment approaches.

Allie Coneys MSN, CPNP

Dearborn Academy
575 Washington Street
Newton, MA 02458

Dr. Seth Osgood DNP, FNP-BC, IFM-CP

GrassRoots Functional Medicine
1 Oak Ridge Rd, Building 1, Suite 4
West Lebanon, NH 03784