speaking engagements

Dr. Tom specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic tick-borne illnesses, mold illness, infection-induced autoimmune encephalitis, and Chronic Toxin Overload in children and adults. He lectures extensively on Lyme disease and other chronic infections, pediatric tick-borne illnesses, mold illness, parasitic infections, healing the microbiome, integrative medicine, Chronic Toxin Overload and nutritional approaches to healing. His passion for supporting each patient’s self-healing abilities, improving detoxification and relieving brain fog through optimization of the Gut-Brain-Heart axis is evident throughout all his lectures. As an Osteopathic physician, Dr. Tom shares a unique body-mind-spirit approach that relies strongly on revitalizing each patient’s own self-healing abilities so they can achieve long-lasting optimal health.

If you are interested in having Dr. Tom lecture at an event, please contact him via email at: support@originsofhealth.com