Dr. Tom’s Empowered Healing – Edition #5: October 2023

My Journey to Inner Healing…

I recently returned from an enlightening journey to the heart of Peru, where I embarked on a deeply spiritual and personal healing retreat. The remoteness of the location afforded me a unique opportunity to truly disconnect from the modern world – no electricity, cell service, or running water. 

Renaquilla ~ Sacred master plant & teacher

Renaquilla ~ Sacred master plant & teacher

This external silence allowed me to immerse fully into an inner journey of solitude, allowing hours to unfold in quiet reflection, delving deep into the caverns of my thoughts and emotions.

Such profound introspection in this untouched environment let me confront, understand, and eventually embrace different facets of my being.

Guided by the wisdom of local healers, I delved deeper into my spiritual path, releasing layers of pent-up emotions and shedding negative energies that had clung to me over the years. Through their unparalleled expertise, we also identified and addressed energetic parasites, achieving a profound state of cleansing and rebalancing. 

These moments of healing were nothing short of transformative, reinforcing the essence of what I believe and advocate for – a harmonious blend of work, life, family, and self.

My commitment to my personal growth and well-being isn’t just for self-fulfillment. It is a testament to the values I hold dear, ensuring that I remain centered and revitalized. This reinvigoration directly translates to how I am present for my loved ones, my patients, and every one of you – my tribe. This equilibrium allows me to serve, teach, and inspire with authenticity and depth.

I owe a profound gratitude to my supportive family and dedicated team for making this transformative trip possible. Additionally, a heartfelt thank you to my understanding patients and students who continually inspire and motivate me. Your patience and trust during my absence reaffirm my belief in the connectedness and understanding we share.

In sharing this experience with you, it is my sincere hope that it serves as a beacon, illuminating the importance of self-prioritization. May you feel inspired to embark on your own journeys of self-discovery, and always remember that by nourishing and revitalizing ourselves, we can be the best versions of those around us. 

Here’s to the journey ahead!


Unveiling the Potency of Vitamin D: Your Pathway to Enhanced Health!

In an era where modern living often keeps us indoors, it’s time to shed light on a vital element that many overlook: VITAMIN D. Despite growing concerns about sun exposure, understanding the truths behind Vitamin D is imperative. In our latest blog post, we embark on a journey to uncover the many facets of Vitamin D and its profound impact on your well-being.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

The Sun’s Healing Touch: Dive into why sunlight remains the most potent source of Vitamin D and how to maximize its benefits.

Signs of Deficiency: Explore the subtle but significant symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency that could be affecting your life.

The Science of Production: Discover the key factors influencing your body’s Vitamin D production during sun exposure.

Sunscreen Dilemma: Decode the delicate balance between sunscreen use and Vitamin D production for informed choices.

To Supplement or Not: Navigate the maze of Vitamin D recommendations to ensure your unique needs are met.

Unmasking Toxicity: Understand the rare but essential considerations surrounding Vitamin D toxicity.

Beyond Deficiency: Explore Vitamin D’s role in cognitive function, a potential key to overall well-being.

Join us on this illuminating journey to unlock the full potential of your health! Ready to delve deeper? *Read the full blog here* and seize control of your well-being today.


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Dr. Jess has extensive knowledge in tickborne, infections, mold illness, mast cell activation, brain health and the prevention of cognitive decline, and the medicinal uses of cannabis and psychedelics. 

Join her every other Tuesday at 5:30 pm (ET) in the Empowered by Lyme group for a live Q&A.


October 24th


Dr. Tom is the producer and host of the Healing from Lyme Disease Summit and the creator of the Thrive With Lyme program and the Lyme Disease Practitioner Certification & Mentorship Program

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