Top Health Gifts for the Holiday Season

Despite our increasing fear of sun exposure and its potential risks, understanding the truth about Vitamin D is crucial! This article aims to dispel common misconceptions and provide you with essential insights into the world of Vitamin D and its profound impact on your well-being.

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COVID Conversations

Over the past several weeks since the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 have taken center stage on the news and in our lives, I’ve had the great opportunity to share my expertise and passion for empowering healing, particularly by sharing scientifically accurate information to help separate fact from fiction, and share actionable steps each of us…
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New Study Shows Millennials ARE at Risk!

New data from the CDC found that a surprising amount of hospitalized COVID-19 patients were between the ages of 20-54, and nearly half of the patients admitted to intensive care units were under age 65. [1] This data undermines the belief that younger, healthier patients are at lower risk of becoming seriously ill from the…
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Coronavirus FAQs

As awareness of the new Coronavirus spreads, there’s been a lot of fear and panic, mostly due to misinformation. Here’s a list of the most common questions I have received about the Coronavirus. Fight fear with facts. Be Proactive, Not Panicked – Dr. Tom Is the Coronavirus spread from person to person? Yes, the Coronavirus…
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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus COVID-19 & Tips to Stay Safe during the Pandemic In January of this year, I was interviewed about how concerned we should all be about the emerging Coronavirus in an article called How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus. Back then my recommendation was to remain calm and watch how things develop. At that time,…
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Bartonella – A cause of PANS?

Infection with Bartonella has sparked a ton of controversy in the medical community. Most people know Bartonella henselae as the causative agent of cat scratch disease. In medical school, we’re taught that this disease is usually mild and self-limiting. It rarely needs treatment unless you’re quite unlucky or you are immunocompromised. So basically, for most…
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