Dr. Tom’s Empowered Healing – Edition #4: September 2023

As the seasons change and September ushers in a fresh breeze, I extend a warm welcome to each of you. It’s Dr. Tom here, and I’m delighted to have you join us for another enriching edition of our monthly newsletter.

Summer has been an incredible journey of growth and discovery, both personally and professionally.

I had the privilege of reconnecting with old friends and mentors, like Dr. Paula Eschtruth, DO at the Osteopathic Cranial Academy conference. This is like going back to my healing roots – where we talk about optimizing physical, mental and spiritual health by releasing stuck energies and optimizing the flow of fluids throughout the body.

{Photo: Dr. Tom, Dr. Paula Eschtruth, DO and Talia & Dr. Jill}

And, in order to make this happen most effectively, Dr. Eschtruth reminds us to treat everyone from the Highest Vibrational Frequency of LOVE.

Yep, that’s the secret!

No matter what treatment approach you are taking, doing so with Love for yourself, your body, those around you supporting you and even the illness that you are in the process of overcoming, supercharges your healing.

I also had several great opportunities to come together with other healers and focus on relaxing and healing ourselves. So any of us work so “hard” to get better and help others that we forget…

– Things you work hard to get are usually hard to keep.

– When you are in flow/the zone/in alignment with your goals and purpose, results come with ease.

– And, those things that come easily are usually easy to keep!

So, we all got together for a few retreats to get back into flow and make sure the work we were doing, personally and professionally, was in alignment with a grand vision of our lives.

I’d recommend you do the same. Take a moment and re-evaluate what you’re doing. Just check in and see if what you are doing is truly aligned with your original intent. Things change over time and healing is more about experiencing the journey and all it has to teach you, in your process of becoming whole again, than anything else. Enjoy it!

Now, as we embrace the fall season, I’m excited to bring you a newsletter filled with valuable health information, personal stories, and expert insights.

Our mission remains steadfast: to empower you on your path to optimal well-being.




Life’s twists led me to unexpected places, facing health challenges both physical and emotional. But it was those hurdles that guided me to my passion as a health coach, witnessing how lifestyle changes impact well-being.

A back injury after college left me hopeless, but alternative therapies like chiropractic and massage set me on a healing path. Inspired, I became a Massage Therapist.

Despite improvements, I still felt unwell.

After much searching, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Fibromyalgia. Lifestyle changes and treatment helped me recover, teaching me the vital connection between habits and vitality.

For 18+ years, I’ve practiced Massage Therapy, specializing in pain and stress management. Now, as a certified Whole Health Educator™ and Wellness Coach, I empower others on their healing journeys. Interested in health coaching?

Contact me at coach@originsofhealth.com for more details and to book your complimentary session.

Love & healing,
Jill C.

Jill Ciampi, LMT, WHE


The connection between inflammation, digestive health, and wellness… finally unveiled!

In the pursuit of true well-being, two silent influencers play a crucial role: INFLAMMATION and DIGESTIVE HEALTH. Amidst a world rife with pollutants, grasping their interconnectedness and devising an optimal strategy takes center stage.

I’ve put together a blog post where I explore the following:

  • Acute inflammation
  • Harmony vs. disruption in the gut
  • The delicate dance of inflammation and gut health
  • How to detect a disrupted gut
  • Decoding the digestive symphony
  • The 4 stages of digestive elegance
  • The influence (and consequence) of gluten
  • Charting a course for holistic health & wellness

You see, understanding inflammation and gut health’s intricate link is more than academic; it’s a blueprint for vitality. Cultivating a conscious diet and addressing digestive issues guard against chronic ailments in our toxin-filled world.I invite you to embark on this journey where inflammation and gut health intertwine, guiding us to radiant well-being! Learn more about the role that INFLAMMATION plays in DIGESTIVE HEALTH, read the full blog post → HERE.


Revitalize Your Health with GI Detox Plus

Explore the art of detoxification with GI Detox Plus, your partner in the intricate dance of toxin elimination. Meet the star lineup, including zeolite clay, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and more, as they work in harmony to free your body from toxins.

In a toxin-filled world, this formula takes center stage in preventing reabsorption and ensuring a safe exit. Elevate your wellness game and embrace lasting health with GI Detox Plus. Your well-being deserves this empowering choice.

For more details and how to purchase go HERE.


Some exciting news, health seekers…

The Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions SUMMIT is happening September 19-25th – with my dear friend and host Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC.

By registering for your FR*EE spot at this epic 7-day event, you’ll also get a ton of complimentary resources – like my colleague, Christine Shaffner’s book “4 Ways to Detox Your Glymphatic System for More Energy & Focus”.

GRAB THIS BOOK (and so many other gifts from summit speakers) by registering today!


Dr. Jess has extensive knowledge in tickborne, infections, mold illness, mast cell activation, brain health and the prevention of cognitive decline, and the medicinal uses of cannabis and psychedelics.

Join her every other Tuesday at 5:30 pm (ET) in the Empowered by Lyme group for a live Q&A.

>> NEXT DATES: September 12th and 26th


Dr. Tom is the producer and host of the Healing from Lyme Disease Summit and the creator of the Thrive With Lyme program and the **all-new** Lyme Disease Practitioner Mentorship Program

To find more info on these topics and other relevant health & natural healing resources, go to → www.OriginsOfHealth.com and be sure to FOLLOW US on socials too!

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