Dr. Tom’s Empowered Healing – Edition #1: June 2023

Hi there, friends and WELCOME to the inaugural “Dr. Tom’s Empowered Healing: Your monthly dose of Science + Soul” newsletter! Let’s kick things off by reflecting on how things have been going…

May was an incredible month. Thank you for helping to make the Healing From Lyme Disease Summit so successful. I want to extend a warm welcome to all who joined us and became part of our healing tribe.

Thank you for your support and for being part of the movement that I’m dedicated to – that together, we can make a massive difference in improving the health of our planet… by starting with our own health.

Another May highlight, Jill and I had the privilege of skiing together for the second year in a row over Mother’s Day weekend. Our shared love for each other and the great outdoors brings us immense joy, and we hope that by sharing our passion for all things natural living, we can inspire YOU to follow your passion as well.

During my own journey with illness, I couldn’t see a way forward, but I found peace in focusing on my true passions. Though I couldn’t pursue them at the time, holding onto that vision inspired me and eventually paved the way for healing.

I encourage you to reflect on your own passions (and share them!), knowing that one day, you’ll be able to engage in them again — stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever!

Sharing our passions has been key to my own healing, and I wish the same for you. As of now, I have been symptom-free for over 12 years.

Dr. Tom and Dr. Jill Moorcroft skiing on Mother's Day 2023
 Our daughter Talia didn’t ski with us Mother’s Day weekend (like she did last year) because she’s now a teen and “needed” to sleep in 😉


As I mentioned, we wrapped up the incredible Healing From Lyme Disease Summit in May (2023), and what an amazing turnout of motivated health seekers eager to learn about how to kickstart their healing from chronic tick-borne illnesses.

Here are just a few of the experiences that HFL summit-goers shared with us:

“The content was brilliant, with great variety, and very knowledgeable experts, the material was organized well, the platform made the talks accessible and easy to follow, and the export layover mini screen feature was brilliant too to be able to multitask. Thank you!” – Diane

“I have many health issues and my family also has health issues. I prefer to stick with the natural route instead of using conventional medicine and I always find these talks helpful. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into preparing these summits. Also offering free viewing helps immensely.” – Nicolette

The summit gave me affirmation on a lot of what I already knew, about breathing, the nervous system and the brain, and it gave me additional new information as well. Very informative with knowledgeable speakers.” – Joan

It was informative and left me very hopeful with positive insights and tips. It was wonderful! Thank you! – Jessica



The detoxification system of the brain, called the Glymphatic system, is primarily active during deep sleep making sleep critical for all aspects of brain health.

Sleep deprivation can negatively impact some aspects of brain function to a similar degree as alcohol intoxication. Good sleep improves cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance.

Getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep is crucial to health. Kids need even more!

Here are some other effective tools to help you get the best sleep:

1. Bedroom Setup

Create a calming bedroom space. The body associates a lower temperature with a signal for sleeping, so adjust your room temperature a few degrees lower. Then, avoid overhead lights and opt for soft, yellow lamps and candles during nightfall instead.

2. Electronics Management & WiFi

The light emitted from electronics can interfere with your internal body clock by messing with your sleep hormone melatonin, not to mention checking emails or scrolling social media can cause stress. So it’s best to switch off all electronic devices an hour before sleep.

However, if you must use electronics before bed, decrease the blue light to minimize its negative impact on melatonin. Most phones and tablets have this ability.

You can also turn the WiFi off in your home, and put your phone in airplane mode. Be sure to also turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth settings on your phone. That will not only reduce EMF exposure but will help you to resist the temptation to use a device at night!

3. Bedtime Routine Example

Try a relaxation activity like meditation, breathing exercises, prayer or reading as it can help calm the body and reduce an overactive brain. If you’re plagued with worry, try writing concerns and reminders for things to do tomorrow to get them off your mind.


Primal Life Organics – Real White Tooth Whitening System 

Are you worried about endotoxins and biofilms? Do you have brain fog and want to prevent future dementia? Have you heard about the importance of your microbiome to your overall immune system health and recovery from chronic illness?Dr. Tom using the Red and Blue LED Tooth Whitening System by Primal Life Organics

While many people purchase the Primal Life Organics Real White Tooth Whitening System just to keep their teeth a little bit whiter, I use it daily to decrease oral pathogens and biofilms to decrease systemic inflammation and optimize the health of my gut microbiome.

At one time or another, we’ve all heard “you are what you eat” — and what you eat with the mouth is so incredibly important to your overall health.

So if you want to decrease body-wide inflammation, improve your gut microbiome, and maybe put a little extra sparkle in your smile. I highly recommend checking out the Primal Life Organics – Red and Blue LED Tooth Whitening System.

To make it even easier to start your oral detoxification journey, I’ve secured a 63% discount for my valuable newsletter recipients. Here’s your exclusive subscriber-only >> Primal Life Organics discount Link <<

✅ Sweet Dreams Supplement

If you’re looking for extra support, getting to sleep, and more importantly, staying asleep, I created Sweet Dreams to aid in that. It is a combination of some of my favorite natural sleep support remedies in one simple chewable, that’s fast acting and highly effective.

Dr. Tom recommends Sweet Dreams sleep supplementIt’s been working very well for my family, and I know it will work for yours too!


Hi, I’m Tom Moorcroft DO, the producer and host of the Healing from Lyme Disease Summit and the Thrive With Lyme Masterclass Series >> replays here.

I am also the creator of the Thrive With Lyme Blueprint Program (for health seekers) as well as the Lyme Disease Practitioner Certification & Mentorship Program.

To find MORE INFO on these topics and other relevant health & natural healing resources, be sure to CONNECT WITH ME on socials!

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